7 elegant restaurants for your dream date

If you are living in Dubai either because you have bought an apartment here or District one villas for sale in Dubai, it is clear that you are aware of several restaurants here. However, since premium food and can cost a lot many people would do not dare to try a different restaurant. As a result, there are times when people are oblivious to some restaurant chains sitting next door!

In this blog, we have compiled a list of some of the trying restaurants in Dubai, So let’s take a peek.

Dinner in the Sky

Have you dreamt of enjoying food with your group of friends or partner all the while sitting on the top and enjoying an exotic panorama of the place?

If yes, then the next time you are going out for a bite, give this restaurant a try, because we guarantee you that it is one of the food spots that would never leave you faint-hearted.

Sitting at a height of 50 metres, this rooftop restaurant would serve you a wonderful meal with amazing services. After the meal, comes the time of most delicacies. The best part is Dinner in the Sky offers you to choose the delicacy for your preference.  To put it all in a nutshell this restaurant is a must-try food place in should put it on your bucket list.

Falcon Oasis Floating Restaurant

Famous for its alluring elegance, this restaurant boasts a reputation of being one of the prettiest eating places in Dubai. Here you can enjoy your food with your family and friends on the top of sea waves and water beds.

Also, to be visually pleasing, this restaurant offers some of the best delicacies in the world. After having the most scrumptious meal on the cruise, you would get an opportunity to enjoy the most fantastic nightlife of Dubai through the most fantastic vantage point.

Private Terrace Floor

If you are eager to make your next date most romantic and momentous of all,  then Private Terrace Floor would be your best bet. In addition to a perfectly romantic ambience and the most mouth-watering 5-course meal by the candlelight, this place offers the peace and vibe one requires to connect to another human.

Adorned with the most exotic flower arrangements and soothing songs in the background, the beautiful lit setting of this restaurant would ensure that you can enjoy the view of the magnificent Burj Khalifa.


This is another premium restaurant in Dubai that offers its guests with most awe-inspiring views of the Marina skyline. Apart from the surprisingly pleasing seating arrangement and atmosphere this restaurant is famous for serving the best international food in Dubai. To treat your taste buds and give them the most unforgettable experience, this restaurant makes sure that it serves food cooked with fresh ingredients.

So if you wondering which restaurant to choose to rock your pallet, make a reservation at Andreea’s.

Marina Social

To get spectacular views of Marina and to enjoy that most flavourful food in the city, visit Marina Social because here the food is prepared by non-other than Jason Atherton.  Due to the relaxed, ambience of this restaurant, everyone who comes here gets the the most unique experience. The super relaxed atmosphere of this restaurant is further accentuated by soothing background music and dim lighting.

So come here and enjoy the most romantic candlelight dinner with your one and only.


The architect and the owners of this cool restaurant have taken everything into great detail while designing and building it. This restaurant overlooks the infinity pool and by having your lunch here you can enjoy your food while watching the most mesmerizing sunsets. Here the food is inspired by multiple cuisines, so you can soak in the wonderful atmosphere and savour the mouth-watering food that you had never tried eating before.

Mint Leaf Of London

Unlike, other restaurants on our list, this one is easy on the budget. Therefore, if you are a bit short on money but still want to enjoy a fancy eating experience, visit Mint Leaf Of London. Despite being easy on the wallet, this restaurant does not make any compromise on food quality.  Here the food is served to you in the form of art.


Since Dubai offers much more than just fancy eating places, get Arabian Ranches villas for sale in Dubai and start living here.